My primary business focus is the small business owner, and the home owner. Folks like you who sometimes need a little help with technology. Being a small business owner myself, I know how the bottom line can make a profit, or sink a company. and with technology advancing every day, sometimes keeping up with it can be costly. My goal is to bring that cost down to a more comfortable level, one where you can advance and still keep the bottom line in the green. Kind of like your one-stop shop to keeping ahead of the game.

Windows Computer Services

Technical Support for your Home, Home Office, and Small Business Computers.

We use computers both at home and work because it simplifies our life in many ways, at work we can keep up with customers orders, track our finances, billing customers, and maintaining inventory. At home we can keep up with our friends through social networks, email family to keep in touch, or pull the video from our camcorder to burn to DVD. But sometimes maintaining those computers can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are not as tech-savvy as you wish you were. That’s where we come in, we can help keep those machines working smoothly to keep your business or home running efficiently. Service calls typically start at $50.00 in the Elmore County area.


Networking Services

Whether you need a Wi-Fi or wired network set up securely at your house or business,   we can help.

networkLook at the picture to the right, this would be a typical network for a small business with several computers and printers, but it is actually a picture of the communications closet at my home. Sure it seems a little overkill, but for a person who has technology as a hobby, I guess it would be fitting. All those computers, servers, webcams, HVAC Thermostats, Security System… most everything but the kitchen sink is somehow networked in my house. So when you ask me to set up a network at your home or business, rest assured, you will get a solid network that will have room to grow as your business needs grow..