Synchronized Lights & Animation

We Can Help You Create Custom Synchronized Holiday Lights and Animation

Are you tired of the same old static lighting for Christmas? Do you have a few blinking bulbs or several strings of 8 function lights just to add some life to your display? Want to make that leap ahead of the Joneses, rather than just keeping up? Well you have found the right place! We’ve been doing over the top, animated light shows to music since 2006, and every year our show gets bigger, now you can do it too.

Lighting Animation has been around for many years, from the flashing sign sitting out in front of a business, to the extravagant Vegas style signs above a business door. The WOW factor of a great show of lights still draws a crowd to see it, and hopefully makes a sale. We do not sell Light-O-Rama hardware or software licenses, you can purchase all that from the Light-O-Rama Store, we just focus on helping making your dream light show come alive, helping you choose what to get to make it all work, and trouble shoot if it is not working as it should. We can make custom length CAT5 patch cords to connect it all, and help configure power wiring to minimize the number of cords lying around the yard.

Back in early times, the animation was controlled by Motorized Mechanical switches, but today, technology has all the all the animation built into a small, complex, computer controlled circuit board capable of doing more than just flipping the light on and off. Today these controllers, or electronic switches can all connect together in a network, they receive commands, or instructions from a computer or even a small box with a memory card telling them what to do and when to do it. This newer method of controlling lights is where the WOW factor comes down to reality for your home or business.

The Big Light Show

Christmas is my family’s most decorated holiday, and for me, it’s the outside. During the course of the year, ideas are put into designs, and designs are put into real decorations that come to life on that Black Friday Night. Coming up with new locations for decorations, adding them into each musical sequence to make that magic Christmas smile on your face. Click here for more on our Light Show.

Friday After Thanksgiving, Let the Show Begin!

Every year our goal is to have the Light Show up and running on Black Friday Night.  There are no incandescent lights in the show anymore, just LEDs and some xenon strobes in the mega tree. When people ask me if the power bill goes up in December, I just shake my head and say not enough to notice.  Feel free to come by anytime during the Christmas season and see the show, it will really set you in the Christmas spirit.

Lighting Animation on the River?

Another idea that I was approached with last year is constructing a light show for a boat in a night boat parade, you could imagine what kind of show could be placed on water, using LED light strings, and an inverter, not a gas powered generator for electricity.

Lighting Animation is not just for a Christmas…

Prom Night, needed some sparkle to complete the scene. The “Starry Night” effect comes from over 100 cool white LEDs attached to various lengths of 22 gauge wire and  dangled from 8 wires across the ceiling with magnets, one Light-O-Rama  Controller brings it all to life.

So what more can you do with lighting animation?

Do you have a haunted house at Halloween? Imagine if you will, your big Halloween haunted house, with all kinds of black-lights, strobes, spooky music and/or voices, and even servo controllers moving things as your trick-or-treaters approach. Imagine if you will, just sitting back, or watching from a distance and seeing it all happen by a prewritten sequence. A motion detector will trigger the controller, and all the events will work in sync like clockwork. This is all possible with Light-O-Rama systems.

You have the idea, so now what?

If your going to do it, do it in lights! Do you want to make something happen in lights? I have been working with Light-O-Rama systems since 2006, I have also attended the last LOR endorsed training class during the 2011 Christmas Expo in Gatlinburg. Feel free to contact me if you have an idea that just needs a little help, or if you have a big show plan that needs a little guidance, advice is always free, or we can work together to make your dream come to life as well.