Our Work

We Do Custom Lighting Designs using
Light-O-Rama Controllers

Animation at Christmas

Here is a video clip from the 2010 Christmas Light Show at out house. the song is Jingle Bells by Michel W Smith.

This 2012 design for Wetumpka’s 32 foot Christmas Tree in Gold Star Park uses 2 LOR controllers, and about 120 strings of 100 count LEDs, plus a 3D star made with LED rope light.

This custom was design measured to fit, the tree frame was designed and welded by students at the Elmore County Technical Center, it uses 2 LOR controllers, incandescent rope light for the sign, and LED strings for the tree. The Candy Canes were added in 2013.

Christmas Trees don’t have to be outside for animation, you can have an animated tree in your living room or on your store’s showroom floor. The pattern is custom written, so it is fully customizable to suite your tastes. This is our family Christmas Tree on Christmas Day.

Fair Time

This custom design was used to add an essence for a county fair theme during Vacation Bible School at church.

Here is the Full Fair Sequence in the dark.

Prom Night

This custom design was created to add the effect of a night under the stars at a local prom.

Here is what it looks like during the Prom.