About Me

My family has lived in Elmore County for over 20 years, first in Wetumpka, and now in Eclectic.

After many years of working with computers and technology in general, I have decided to start a business on a part time basis. Since this is not my primary source of income, I don’t have to charge unreal prices for services.

Do you enjoy listening to music, so do I, since my teenage years, I have played music for friends parties on a non professional level. I used to tote boxes and boxes of LPs and 45s back in the days, you younger folks may be scratching your heads on this one, but that was the thing back then. So my drive to become a professional DJ comes from the passion for music and entertaining, and having kids of my own with the desire to entertain.

Around 2005, I had found a new form of technology that has been very interesting to work with, lighting animation is a new form of entertainment that has a lot of potential. You can see more on this concept and my work from the Synchronized Lights & Animation section of my site.